Black Dogs Pick of the Week

The Black Dog’s Pick of the Week:

When Murphy (Jean’s dog) and Hobart (Emily’s dog) learned the wine shop was opening the dog’s of course wanted to be a part of the adventure.  They helped in the various ways they could and decided they would offer their recommendations based on their personalities each week.  We think this is a fun way to share a little information on different items in the shop.  If you’re not a dog person and/or think this is totally weird just skip to the paragraph that talks about the wine.  Otherwise we hope you enjoy!

Hobart is a one year old Labrador retriever.  He loves everything life has to offer and is willing to try anything once (or for other lab owners the truth – he tries things multiple times because Hobart cannot always remember what he has and has not done.)  Hobart appreciates living in the moment and gets satisfaction running alongside a bike, swimming in the lake, or chasing a tennis ball around the back yard.   Hobart has recently learned how to open the gate of his back yard and loves exploring the neighborhood.  He never goes far, just a quick survey of the neighbor’s yard for any squirrels to chase through the bushes or to run with other dogs.

For those of you, who like Hobart, enjoy trying new things and appreciate the sights and smells of the world around you Hobart would recommend 2007 Some Young Punks, Passion has Red Lips.  Cabernet 51% & Shiraz 49%, this wine is ripe and round.  It pours out an inky ruby and like its label is seductive with raspberry and blackberry flavors.  It is immediately appealing and finishes with flair, just how Hobart likes it.

Murphy is a 16 year old Cockapoo.  He is extremely smart and only has taste for the finer things in life.  He enjoys long naps in the sun and walks through the neighborhood but what Murphy really loves is a good dinner party.  Anytime family and friends gather around the table Murphy is a happy dog.  Now, Murphy understands the work that goes into a successful event and is not opposed to helping.  He stands guard as you prepare the salad and bread to catch any crumbs that might fall to the ground, you don’t want guest to see a dirty kitchen floor, do you?  He’ll watch the oven to make sure you don’t overcook the meat, and taste the pre-dinner snacks just to make sure they’re good enough for company.  Murphy is really best at is clean up.  No dish goes in unchecked before hitting the dishwasher and fear not; if you cannot finish your beef tenderloin or macaroni and cheese Murphy will help you out.  

For those of you, who like Murphy, enjoy the simple things in life such as a good Sunday afternoon nap, great conversation and good food Murphy highly recommends the Bruno Paillard Brut Rose Champagne Premiere Cuvee NV.  The wine spectator review: “Smells and tastes like macerated red berries, with hints of pastry and mineral adding interest.  Elegant yet vigorous, this leaves a dry, mouthwatering impression on the finish.”


Hobart and Murphy

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