We are open!

We are open!!

Wow. I still cannot believe that after ten months, The Winnetka Wine Shop is really open. I remember my first phone calls to distributers asking about the process of buying wine in Illinois, my first phone call to the village asking how to propose a new liquor license because they had never had a bottle shop in Winnetka before, and first pitching the idea of opening a wine shop to my husband, aunt (who co-owns the shop with me), who neither of seemed to even hesitate a second before pledging their time and/or investing, Thank you!

Friday March 12, 2010 was an awesome day. The sun was shining and we had lots of visitors stop in to take a look at our collection and even buy some wine!! (what a relief)

We tasted several wines, Errazuriz Single Vineyard Carmenere 2008 from Chile ($13.00) which was a big hit! This wine portrays classic traits of the variety. The nose is ripe and complex with big aromas of fresh blackberries and sweet spice. The wine offers a touch of black pepper, creamy texture with well-rounded tannins. All around great bottle of wine and you all must have thought so to, we sold out on Saturday, but, don’t worry it will be back tomorrow!

Another big winner this weekend was 2007 Passion Has Red Lips by some young Punks in Australia ($22.00.) This wine not only has a fabulous label but a beautiful wine inside. 51% Cabernet & 49% Shiraz this wine is ripe and round. It pours out an inky ruby and like its label is seductive with raspberry and blackberry flavors. It is immediately appealing and finishes with flair.

There are those of you who are starting the move from big reds to whites in hope that summer time soon will be here, so for those folks we had a great Pinot Grigio, 2008 Alois Lageder Delle Venezie Riff ($13.00.) This wine offers dried peach and citrus fruit on the nose. Good fruit and a simple finish.

Of course there had to be something that had a little sparkle, Vietti Cascinetta Moscato d’asti from the Piemonte Region of Italy ($14.00) was just the thing. Light to medium bodied with flavors and aromas of wild flowers, thyme and honey. Yum! I can’t wait to start eating outside and enjoy this with some fruit for a great summer dessert.

This Friday March 19 we will be offering a special tasting from 4:30 to 7:30. I hope to see you all there!!

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